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Regina Same Day Flower Delivery

Since the Victorian era, flowers have been used to subtly send messages of love, adoration, pleasure and longing to a loved one. This tradition of sending flowers continues to this day but technology now allows us to send orders for same day delivery. We at Regina Flower delivery know how important this floral gift is to you and your recipient, and will ensure that your delivery arrives on time. We are committed to ensuring that every time you send flowers through Regina Flower deliver, you and yours will have a memorable experience.

Our assortment of flowers with wide range of colors, textures and fragrances is unmatched and unique. We take special care to design and arrange flowers in exquisite style and grace that makes every occasion unforgettable. Our passion for giving you quality bouquets of flowers will convey the right sentiments and feelings for your loved ones. Let our flowers speak for you.

We create bouquets of art for each and every occasion and emotion. Weddings,, birthday, baby showers, holidays, love and romance, tribute, victory celebrations, anniversaries, Mother’s day, condolences or just because and many more occasions are aptly handled by us. We help you experience the power of flower freshness and beauty to make your special moments incredible. Our expert florists create bouquets to stir feelings of love and appreciation.

Our bouquets are beholder’s pride because apart from flowers we can add any tokens, sentiments that you want, maybe that good luck charm tucked in to a brides bouquet, how about her favorite color of ribbon entwined in the arrangement you have sent, maybe a rattle in that new baby's arrangement. You supply it and we will ensure it takes a place of pride in the arrangement. We create beautiful arrangements of Roses, Carnations, Tulips, Lilies, Orchids, Stephanotis ,Gerbs, etc. as single bouquets or multi flower bouquets that come in equally gorgeous looking baskets or holders. 

Emotion vs. Flowers:

It is important to understand the meaning of flowers before you go ahead and send it to someone to avoid any misunderstanding or negative feelings. Please find below the sentiments and the corresponding flowers that can be used to convey these:

  1. Love and romance – Red roses, red Tulip, red-pink-white-Camellia, red Chrysanthemum, Daisy, Gardenia and Lilac (if it is your first love or new love)
  2. Friendship – Chrysanthemum, Iris, Ivy, Rose-Yellow, Zinnia-mixed.
  3. Pure love – Carnation-white, Rose-white, Rosebuds, Daisy-any color, Orange blossom.
  4. Faithful or dependable – Dandelion-a bunch, Hyacinth-blue, Violet-blue, Zinnia-scarlet
  5. Sorry, Forgiveness – Tulip-white, Hyacinth-purple, Rose-yellow(more used for friendship)
  6. Good luck – Stephanotis, Bells of Ireland, Camellia, white Carnation (for women), Sunflower.
  7. Victory – Nasturtium, Palm leaves.
  8. Mourning – Rose-dark crimson, Poppy-white.
  9. Hope – Iris, Pine, Rose leaf
  10. Beauty – Acacia blossom, Lily-calla, Orchid, Rosebud, Stock, Tulip-variegated
  11. Goodbye – Sweet pea, Cyclamen
  12. Marriage mood – Myrtle, Orange Blossom, Peony, Stephanotis, Sunflower.
  13. Memories – Forget-me-not, Rose-tea, Statice, Zinnia-mixed or yellow.
  14. Jealousy – Hyacinth-yellow, Marigold.
  15. Pride – Amaryllis (available in winter), Lily – Tiger.


Make the right choice to convey the right message. Our flowers stay for longer periods of time and look as fresh as ever. Our affordable prices are among the best in the floral business and we strive to give you the best quality of fresh flowers for your money. We carefully pick and choose the right flowers for the right occasion ensuring we send the right feelings on your behalf. We care about you and your feelings and we make sure that our flowers help build relationships.

For condolences and sympathy we specialize in standing sprays, casket and urn, and floral tributes. Want something out of the ordinary give us a call and we will work with you to ensure that your needs are met. Sending something to the house how about a living memory tribute full of fresh plants that they can nurture and see grow for years to come.

If you want a custom made bouquet with your specific needs and ideas, our experts will put their heart and soul into bringing your vision to reality. Our expert florists are always trying and testing new design arrangements which help us improve our arrangements and your experience. This is not a job to us it is a passion, and our number one priority is to you the Customer.

We at Regina Flower delivery believe that only fresh flowers have the power to express emotions felt by people and that is the reason we never ever use artificial flowers or leaves. The floral arrangements are so unique and elegant that it not only will complement your dress in case of weddings but will compliment your homes or places of business. It can be used to decorate your home or office or place of business. It can be used indoors and outdoors and has the ability to spread joy, cheer and peace.

You can view our masterpieces of flower bouquets displayed on our website and choose among the wide range of bouquets available for every occasion. We deliver around the corner in Regina  or around the world through Regina Flowers .

From soon mom-to-be and baby showers to condolences, we are one of the most preferred florists in California for elegant and exquisite floral delivery. We are in the  business of creating unique and well-crafted floral bouquets for building better relationships and if you wish to enhance your relationship with your loved ones then call Regina Flower delivery or check us out on line.