Substitution Policy

Panda Flowers recognizes that substitutions, when they are necessary, can be surprising to you our Customer. The utmost care and attention will be given to all flower arrangements to ensure they are as similar as possible, in both style & value, to the requested item.

We understand that you are trusting us to deliver your gift of flowers. Whatever the occasion, flowers are a gift that represent an emotion. We are honoured that you trust us to create a beautiful flower arrangement for your recipient. We make every effort to ensure you get exactly what you ordered. However, there are times when a substitution of flowers, vase or container is necessary. A substitution will result in an arrangement that has a similar look & feel to the original order.

For example, if you order an all pink flower arrangement, we will still create an all pink arrangement, but we may have to substitute some of the stems. If we are unable to do a substitution that very closely resembles what you have ordered you will be contacted by us with some alternatives.

If the vase or container shown with the arrangement is unavailable, we will substitute a vase or container as similar as possible to maintain the overall look & feel of the arrangement ordered. Keepsake vases usually sell out early and reorders take time. However, if you have ordered a glass purple vase and we do not have that exact vase we will substitute a similar purple glass vase.

All substitutions will be of the same value as what was originally ordered


⦁ Product does not meet Panda Flowers standards (stems can be damaged during the import/travel journey to Alberta)

⦁ Colour of flowers requested is not available

⦁ Flowers are not in season. While we strive to get these flowers, sometimes quantities are limited

⦁ Vases not available, sold out (especially at floral holidays)

Our goal is to provide you with the freshest product available and as flowers are both seasonal and perishable, on occasion, the product listed may not be available.

Panda Flowers Guidelines regarding the Substitution of Items

⦁ When substitution is necessary, the utmost care will be taken to maintain the overall look and feel of the arrangement as shown. For example, spiked flowers should be substituted for spikes and round flowers for round.

⦁ There will not be any substitution in the size and shape of the arrangement.

⦁ In arrangements of all one kind of flower, such as roses, the roses are of first importance. If the requested colour is not available, we will contact you with suggestions of alternate colours or perhaps a change of delivery date when fresh roses will arrive.

⦁ In arrangements of assorted flowers, the colours shown in the photo should be adhered to, even if this means substituting other kinds of flowers of equal value.

Panda Flowers Guarantee

Our goal is to satisfy you the Customer and to ensure that your experience with Panda Flowers is an enjoyable one. Our dedicated florists come with decades of experience and knowledge in the floral industry.

If, for whatever reason, you are not happy with your purchase please contact us at: Email: