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Best Place to Order Flowers Online - Google's Advice

In today’s retail world, online reviews and Google star ratings from customers play a crucial role in attracting more customers which in turn, plays into any business’ success.  Google is one of the most widely used search engines and Florists who hold a high star google rating will always be chosen first.  

Customers searching for same day flower delivery or the best flower delivery service are influenced by the perceived value of what a high star rating means.  For example, a Flower Shop with above 4 stars could be looked upon as a shop that provides excellent service and a quality product.  In most instances, this will be true!  Any flower shop with above 4 stars has worked hard to earn those stars!  

High star ratings on google will provide credibility and builds trust with potential customers.   New customers looking to buy flowers online often rely on existing, historical customer reviews to understand the quality, service and reputation of a business.  A high star (ie. 4+) indicates that previous customers have had a positive experience and this creates confidence & trust in a brand.

When consumers compare the best places to buy flowers online, there are multiple shopping options, they tend to choose businesses with higher ratings and positive reviews.   

A high star Google rating is a powerful asset for any business.  It will boost the business’ search visibility making it appear higher on Google’s page listings and it will also provide credibility for the business.


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