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Ranunculus Care

Care of Ranunculus    

Once you have your gorgeous ranunculus at home, you’ll need to prepare the perfect home (vase) for them.  We suggest a vase between six to eight inches high with a three-inch (or smaller) opening works best for these beauties! Ranuncs have notoriously thin and delicate stems so a smaller opening is best for a fuller-looking vase.   Or, if your options are limited and you don’t have one vase big enough for your blooms, use a few vases! We love the look of a few, scattered bud vases around the house. We think one stem in a vase is just as stunning as a vase full of stems!

To prepare your flowers for the vase(s), carefully remove and discard any wrap and if it’s not already done by your florist, gently strip away any foliage that will fall below the vase waterline.  Any leaves, etc below the waterline will cause bacteria to grow in the water.   Like us humans, cut flowers prefer to drink clean water.   Definitely a plus for a longer life!  Give each stem a fresh angled cut and place your stems into the prepared vase, and you’re done!

Easy-peasy Maintenance

Help your blooms live their best life by keeping them out of the direct sun and any extra toasty areas in your home. We recommend placing your vase at least three feet away from any sunny window and away from any obvious heat sources (like a radiator). Bacteria buildup is natural (and unavoidable) as the stems age. Change the water daily (or as often as you remember) so your ranunculus are always getting a fresh drink. Trimming the stems at the same time will also ensure they’re hydrating efficiently! 

Pro tip: Some blooms may die off sooner than others. Removing any dying flowers will keep its vase mates looking fresher longer!


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