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Easy Tips to Help Your Cut Flowers Last Longer

Easy Tips to Help your Cut Flowers Last Longer

At Panda Flowers, we understand that the purchase of flowers can feel expensive.  And, the joy of buying or receiving flowers can fade quickly if they don’t last very long.  Here a few tips to keep your flowers looking fresh longer.

First Step

It’s true that a cut flower has been cut from its source (plant/roots) so it will be up to human action to keep the stems healthy to last as long as possible.  Most people understand the importance of putting flowers into fresh, clean water immediately, but many forget the crucial step in cutting the stems.  Like our skin, flower stems will eventually seal at the cut making it very difficult for the stem to drink water. (We’ve all seen droopy flowers. They are simply thirsty).  So cutting the stems at an angle is an effective way to make sure they receive adequate hydration.  Recutting the stems every few days and changing the water so it is also fresh helps to keep the stems happy & open. 

It is also important to remove any leaves that fall below the water line.  Leaves in the water will cause bacterial growth that interferes with your flower’s health and ability to absorb moisture.

 Location, Location, Location

While a little sunlight may help your flowers bloom, too much direct sun is harmful. It’s important to find a spot to display your flowers away from heat & direct sun so they stay beautiful & fresh for as long as possible.  It’s also important to place your flowers away from fruits & vegies.

Produce  emits a type of gas that can actually cause flowers to have a shorter life, so always best to keep them far apart. 

Shop Smart & Local

Where you choose to purchase flowers is also an important consideration.  Choosing an expert, professional floral shop, like Panda Flowers, ensures that your flowers will be beautiful for any occasion.   Every Panda Flowers location in Alberta offers floral delivery in their areas.  

Why choose us?

Panda Flowers is an Alberta born, talented flower group that has existed since 1999.  Each independent location offers offer fresh, long lasting flower arrangements for any type of occasion.  Whether you need flowers for a one-of-a-kind corporate event, a wedding, birthday, anniversary, etc, we’ve got you covered.  Panda Flowers can also offer custom floral creations and unique urban botanicals for everyday occasions.  Our design teams are committed to offering you the finest in exclusive floral designs for all occasions — with top-tier customer service and expert knowledge.

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