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Free Flower Delivery? Is it really a thing in 2024?

Free Flower Delivery?!?  Is it really a thing in 2024?

While the idea of buying flowers online from a flower shop offering free same day flower delivery may seem enticing to a customer, its very likely the flower shop that advertises “free delivery” will simply cover their costs for delivery by burying it into the cost of the flowers for sale.  So as in many other cases, free really isn’t free.

In today’s fast paced world where fuel costs are high, insurance rates are up there and vehicle maintenance isn’t free, simply maintaining a delivery vehicle is expensive.   And, the delivery driver needs to be paid for their service.   Touching on the drivers, there is a layer of extra training involved when delivering fresh flowers.  Flowers are fragile, perishable, easily crushed and usually packaged in a vase of water that can’t be spilled without a disaster of a delivery to the recipient.  Flower delivery isn’t like any other delivery service.  Extra care must be provided by the specifically trained driver.

When it comes to sending flowers, you may wonder why same day flower delivery services are not free.  In todays world of high fuel prices and crazy increased shipping costs on all consumer goods, fresh flowers are also subject to these costs.  For most of the year in Canada, fresh flowers are imported from all around the world.  Our Canadian growing season can be short so when Canadian grown flowers are not available, they are imported and so, subject to import fees , exchange rates and high fuel prices.  These layers of cost are passed on to the flower shop from the suppliers.   

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