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Indoor Hanging Planters are Making a Come Back

Indoor Hanging Planters are Making a Come Back

Need a quick and easy way to freshen up your interior space? Look no further than hanging a fresh green planter. Wall mounted or ceiling mounted, these throwback planters are making a huge splash in 2023!   Space-saving and easy to care for, hanging planters add immediate charm to any space.

At Panda Flowers, we love hanging planters and the charm they bring to any space.  For some tips on how to get started with your hanging planters, read more below.

In our post COVID world, we’ve noticed that house plants are more important in our space than ever.  Whether it’s because we spent so much time working from home or maybe we just want to bring life into our living spaces, hanging planters or even floor planters can make a room feel more loved.    We all recognize that green plants filter our interior air and that’s a good thing!  (to quote Martha Stewart).   There isn’t a room that won’t benefit from having a hanging plant – from the kitchen to the bathroom, bedroom, and even a patio area, having green plants or blooming will add charm and character to any room.

What’s the Medium to use for a Hanging Planter?

A hanging planter can be any size, shape, color, or material. From wires to chains, to rope, macrame or yarn, hanging planters just need to be able to hold a container and attach to a hook from the ceiling or wall.

What’s the Best Plant to Choose for Your Hanging Planter?

Once you’ve determined the “where” to hang your planter, you will need to understand the space.  Does it get full sun, partial sun, no sun or shade all day?  This is an important detail when you are choosing a plant that will thrive in the chosen spot.

The vast majority of indoor plants prefer partial sun but not direct sun.  For shade loving plants, some ideas are ferns, hostas, or ivy plants. 

Care of Hanging Planters

Proper watering and fertilizing or your hanging plant is important.  If you are nurturing your “green thumb” and tend to overwater, it will be important to choose a container that has drainage holes to prevent root rot.  Hanging plants tend to dry out more quickly than plants in the ground, so you’ll need to learn the plants requirements in your environment.  Is the environment overly warm, is it humid, is it dry, all these details will help you understand the plants water needs. 


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