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Mother’s Day Flowers – Why Should I order them early?

Ordering Mother’s Day flowers early is not just a strategic move, it’s a thoughtful gesture that makes it almost certain that you will secure the perfect bouquet for your Mom.    With the Mother’s Day holiday being one of the business weeks for a florist, getting your order in ahead of time means you may have access to a wider selection of blooms and arrangements.   Mother’s Day would be one of those times when same day flower delivery may mean less selection – if you wait until the day of Mother’s Day.  The best places to order flowers online are going to be extremely busy and their available selections for same day delivery may very well be “designers choice”.   This is not a bad choice by any means as designers choice typically means, lovely things created with the freshest of flowers.

Under the heading of maybe “too much information”, we can share that florists need to pull out their crystal ball every year in March to predict what their customers will want for their Mom’s, 2 months later in May.  It takes careful, experienced planning for a florist to forecast what they will need to satisfy every order 2 months in the future.

When orders are placed last minute, it’s similar to this scenario:  You’ve invited 10 of your closest friends to a prime rib dinner, word gets out about your tasty event (because you’re a great cook) and 40 of your friends show up.  So, to spread that prime rib, you’re going to substitute other cuts of meat, other veggies, different desserts, etc.  You’re still going to make it happen but there will be substitutions on your menu.  Being a florist makes you a great menu planner and you learn how to stretch your resources.   Everyone will get something lovely but they may not get exactly what your original menu intended.   

Early online ordering will provide you with more options to personalize your gift to your Mother’s tastes and preferences.  Whether she adores classic roses, vibrant lilies, or fragrant peonies, ordering flowers in advance of the big day that celebrates Moms will reduce worry and anxiety for both you and the florist.

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